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Natural Health is Dr. William Mitchell’s family company, designed to offer you access to his powerful Fruit Anthocyanins blend and to his Natural Medicine books.  Dr. Mitchell’s mission was to promote Naturopathic Medicine today and for future generations, and it is our goal to keep his important work available to physicians and their patients.

A pioneer in the use of concentrated dark fruits and berries as powerful tools in promoting health, Dr. Mitchell used these concentrates for thousands of patients. Over the years he modified his blend to achieve optimal clinical health benefits, and our Fruit Anthocyanins product made available here contains his final formulation.

Dr. Mitchell authored three books on Naturopathic therapies and botanical medicines.  These texts are excellent tools for use in clinical practice based on decades of experience from both Dr. John Bastyr and Dr. Mitchell.  At the time of his death he was working on contributions to The Foundations book of Naturopathic Medicine, and his own compilation of clinical cases, both of which will be available in the future.
Dr. William A. Mitchell, Jr., ND was a co-founder of Bastyr University and practiced Naturopathic Medicine in Seattle, Washington for over 30 years.
  Dr. William A. Mitchell, Jr., ND
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